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Womens Wellness

Enjoy pleasant hours with your best friends. With two of our therapists, you are completely alone in our small Orient. No one will disturb your cheerful conversation and you also wont disturb anyone, no matter how loud you laugh or what you are laughing about.

The whole treatment takes about 2,5 hours, including a oriental caring ceremony in the Rasul Bath. You get a partial body massage (back, shoulders, neck), a face massage and a hand and foot pack. While we spoil you with a face pack, you can enjoy a glass of sparkling wine and fresh fruits.

Intensify a wonderful friendship between women, you can rejuvenate yourself and you can have lots of fun!

We wish you a memorable time in the small Orient”.

Duration: about 2 hours for two women and 3 hours for three or four women

3 – 4 women: 119,00 Euro per woman
2 women: 139,00 Euro per woman

SATAMA Massagen