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SATAMA Rasul in the small Orient

Enjoy this oriental care ceremony in our SATAMA Rasul where you can enjoy the experience with up to 3 people of your choice, the ritual of the Rasul bath, or for two persons, the "Sultans” ritual.
After a cleansing shower you put 4 different kinds of mud on your face and your body. Then you will take a comfortable sitting position in the Rasul bath and let your soul relax under the oriental sky while the muds dry on your skin.

Followed by a steam bath, which has the scents of the orient, your skin begins to sweat. The sweat supplies the purification of the skin.

Now you should start to massage the mud into the skin with a circular motion. The dead skin cells are removed and the mineral substances have a good effect on your skin. In addition, the subcutaneous tissue is strengthened,  the metabolism is stimulated, and the muscle tone is influenced positively.

After about 20 minutes, a bright light in the sky of the Rasul will give you a signal that a gentle refreshing shower is coming up in the Rasul. Now you can wash off the mud from your body gradually.

Later you will relax in a private atmosphere with soft music, a bowl of fresh fruit and a glass of oriental tea. During the oriental "Sultan"s Ritual ", you will also enjoy a gentle massage of your body about 15 minutes with a pleasant aroma oil.

Enjoy a wonderful time...

Rasul Bath “Small Orient”

(Rasul with tea and fruits)

Duration: about 50 minutes
Price: 49,00 € per person (up to 4 persons)

Oriental “Sultansritual”

(Rasul with tea and fruit, we gently massage a soothing aromatherapy oil into your skin.)

Duration: about 60 minutes
Price: 66,00 € per person (up to 2 persons)

SATAMA Massagen