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The Banja Ritual

Experience the Russian tradition of the sauna bath in our Siberian Banja. As usual, like the Russians, you start your bath with a ice-cold vodka. Than you get a gentle massage with a honey-salt-peeling and start the first infusion. After that, your skin is first fanned out, then tapped from your shoulders to your feet by birch branches. The effect of the birch is antiphlogistic and cleansing. At the end of this process relax with a tea from the samovar, Russian music and Russian specialties.

The Banja Ritual lifts the mood. It takes place every day at 6 pm. Price: 31,00 Euro per Person (at least 4 persons, maximum 10 persons), in conjunction with the purchase of a day ticket.

Between 6 pm and 7 pm the Banja Sauna is reserved for the participants of the Banja Ritual. Please ask for reservations.

SATAMA Saunapark - Russische Banja (75°C)